Eduardo Gómez de Larrain

Rechtsanwalt | German lawyer


I am a fully qualified German lawyer and have been representing foreign individuals, family offices, and companies throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria (in the last two countries in cooperation with local lawyers) in matters of German and international banking, compliance and business law for more than 25 years. In this regard, both my work as former General Counsel of a German bank specialized in Latin America present throughout the region and my additional qualification as Spanish lawyer have proven invaluable.


My career includes stages in Hamburg, London, Frankfurt am Main, Madrid and Helsinki.


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About me

Areas of practise

Banking & Compliance Law

Assets blocked, seized or otherwise at stake in Germany, Switzerland or Austria (in the last countries in collaboration with local lawyers). Credit and portfolio investment issues in those countries.


International Business Law

Advice and representation in contract and legal matters of international commercial and business law.


International Inheritance Law

Advice and representation of foreign heirs and other beneficiaries.

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„With the help of the attorney Eduardo Gómez de Larrain, we were able to correct serious mistakes made by the previous lawyer and, in a judicial proceedings through all instances, win in full a case of great financial importance to our family and group of companies.“

Katharina R. Industrialist, Buenos Aires / São Paulo

“Mr Eduardo Gómez de Larrain represented our familiy in Germany in an inheritance case involving both the Mexican and the German legal systems. He managed to enforce all our rights in an amount greater than initially thought. Due to his specialization, experience and professionalism, he was the ideal lawyer for our case.“

Gunther R., Attorney-at-law, México

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